no leave them alone until the spring, they’re tired, they went through a lot


when you develop a crush on someone that you have no chance with




spooky girlfriends probably getting ready for a dumb halloween party

im glad the lads have team lads action news so they get at least some form of exercise 

if any of my friends cosplay x ray and vav i want to cosplay the purple haired girl voiced by lindsay fyi


Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?


» Quick PSA


Most of you are aware of this, but when we showed the pilot for X-Ray and Vav at RTX this year, we asked that the audience keep everything they saw a secret until after the show came out. And I know with the show’s premiere looming overhead, you may be tempted to jump the gun and post some gifs or images from the pilot.

Please, hold off on that until the first episode has premiered, as we want everyone else to see it in all its glory, un-bismirched. One of my favorite things about tumblr is how much respect its users have for their favorite shows, and I appreciate those of who have respected, and continue to respect, our wishes. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm for X-Ray and Vav; we are looking forward to showing it to you!

-Jordan Cwierz

With the last episode of RVB 12 out, and the reintroduction of Charon Industries, I want to share with you all some fun facts about Charon, which may lead to metaphors/foreshadowing!!!

Some of you may know that Charon is the solo moon on the planet Pluto. Pluto is the Roman god based off of the Greek god Hades, and I’m sure you’ve heard lots about the God of the Underworld thanks to modern media.

Now what is Charon’s association to Hades?

He’s the “ferryman”. Hades doesn’t really ever leave the underworld. So to bring souls from the living to the underworld, Charon must take them in a boat.

Now, Charon represents two major themes.

The first, is death, obviously.

Now the second, is transition or change.

This is quite obvious as he takes souls from Earth to the Underworld. Now, as religion and mythology adapted and changed, Charon’s base form turned into what we now called the grim reaper.

So the new bad guy in Red vs blue is the grim reaper of change.

Just some food for thought.




oh Roosterteeth, how I love you guys so much

let’s not forget this:

Hmmmm wonder where I’ve seen that before…

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